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CD Tail PlugSeriously – other than the typical anal training kits here on Anal Training 101, the next most asked about item I talk about are the pony tail butt plugs from Crystal Delights. Earlier this year, the wicked folks at CD sent over one of their newest items – the Crystal Minx Detachable Faux Pony Tail Butt Plugs. With these goodies just hitting the stores now, I thought it best to let my readers know about this anal-training friendly toy!

Previously, all the other Crystal Delights tails had fixed bases – as in the tail was actually embedded into the glass butt plug. With this updated version, the tail itself is separate from the glass butt plug. You see, in the base of the borosilicate glass butt plug is a screw fitting, and at the base of the tail is the screw. Simply line them up and twist, and you’ve got your single pony tail plug. So what makes this better? First, it’s a whole lot easier to clean up. Removing the tail allows you to clean the glass butt plug as you would with any of your other anal play toys. There’s no worry about getting the tail wet.

But even better – in the coming months, Crystal Delights will be selling the Crystal Minx Detachable Faux Pony Tails separate from the plug itself. This means you can start your own collection of pony tail plugs without needing to purchase multiple plugs. Mix and match your favorite plug to your favorite tail or have a bunch of tails to use with a single plug.

If for some reason you’ve never checked out these tail plugs before, you really need to. First, they are great for beginner’s anal play folks. The glass butt plug itself is small enough to be comfortable for newly trained wearers. The gentle slope and flared base help you keep control a lot easier than other style plugs. The borosilicate glass is cleaned with basic soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner. The tail itself is made from the same material as high quality wigs, and should only be spot washed if soiled. (I tend to use baby wipes to clean the tails on my pony play buttplugs.)

The tails come in a number of colors, including two rainbow style, more natural hair colors, as well as a number of fantasy colors for those who love their ‘My Little Pony’ style tail plugs.

So where can you get these hot new tail plugs? The Crystal Delights store is of course the best place to get them – and they have them as the least expensive prices around. (They also have versions – like my rainbow tail – that aren’t available elsewhere.) You can also head on over to Angel’s Sex Toys to check out the Crystal Minx Detachable Faux Pony Tail Butt Plugs. Don’t forget to use our exclusive coupon code ANALTRAINER to get 15% off your pony tail plug order (or any other item on sale at Angel’s).

Live Free Fun Anal CamsSometimes, anal porn won’t do it. Sometimes, only watching live anal amateurs on camera is the only way you’re looking to get your anal training fix. If you fall under that category, we’ve got a new treat for you. Live Free Fun is not only one of the fastest growing camming sites on the internet, they have an entire section of anal sex cams manned by amateurs all over the globe.

So down to the basics – how does Live Free Fun work! Like you’ve seen in the name, you can watch the anal training cams on the site for free. All the webcam models on the site have public chat rooms where they perform for nothing. Viewers are encouraged to tip the performers, and some will set certain acts once they receive a certain amount of GOLD (the currently used on Live Free Fun). For instance, a webcam model who is showing off her anal training may show her gape for a set amount of tips.

If you’re willing to shell out a bit more, you can get private and semi-private performances called GOLD Shows. The model sets a per-minute rate that’s displayed in the room, and your GOLD account is deducted accordingly. I like these shows because they provide a more intimate connection with the model – especially for those guys who want their anal show to go a certain way! Unlike other cam and porn sites, there’s no recurring fees for the shows on Live Free Fun. You add as much credit to your account as you’d like whenever you want to. There is a $25 minimum order, and there is a top end limit for new users, which can be lifted with a quick chat to the customer service team. You can add credit to your account using your credit card, or for the privacy-minded, a pre-paid debit card.

The other up side to the free anal cam shows on Live Free Fun as opposed to those other sites is that Live Free Fun has a customer service team that can help you out 24/7/365. They can be reached the usual way through emails, or you can call their phone number. They’ve got toll free numbers from a bunch of different countries, including the USA.

But enough of the logistics. What will you see on Live Free Fun’s anal training shows? You’ll get a mix of amateur and professional porn performers. The majority of the models are women, with a few men and a handful of transsexual anal performers thrown in as well. You’ll get solo shows as well as couples and groups. Almost every age, race and sexual persuasion is represented in their anal sex section, so you’ll have a wide spread of choices! Click here to go directly to Live Free Fun’s anal sex cams!

Allie HazeEvery so often, an anal sex porn movie comes along that makes our mouths drop open in awe. Sure, we profile a lot of anal porn here on Anal Training 101, but we’re not exaggerating when we say this is one of the most amazing pieces of adult film we have ever seen. The crew at Hard X teamed up with Allie Haze to shoot her very first anal porn. This isn’t one of those quick fuck and suck style porn flick. This was a high budget piece that not only showcased Allie’s talent, it’s also a nod at style of high quality porn that Hard X delivers.

The trailer for the movie – simply called “Allie” – is over ten minutes long and deserves awards in itself! The entire movie consists of four separate scenes. First up Allie pops her anal cherry on camera for the very first time with porn heartthrob James Deen. According to James’s blog – this scene was supposed to go down very differently with lots of warmup and foreplay. But, the duo just go from making out to getting Allie’s ass penetrated on camera for the very first time.

There’s also a girl-girl-boy anal scene with Adriana Checick that has a very ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ feel to it as the scene plays out. The interracial anal scene with Lexington Steele is one of the hottest scenes in the movie. We’re surprised that Allie took on a dick as big as Lexington’s being that she’s an anal newbie! Lastly, there’s a threesome with two men in a very western-meets-gangster scene that shows how well Allie is made.

But, our words won’t do this justice at all. Check out the trailer below, then head over to Hard X youself to see Allie Haze lose her anal virginity in Allie. You will not be disappointed!


There have been a flood of new deals and discounts on the anal sex toys from some of our favorite retailers this month. From anal training kits, to mystery packages, to hardcore and extreme anal toys, almost every aspect of the anal pleasure product market is covered! Here is our picks for the anal sex toy deals for July 2014!

anal training toys at Angel's Sex Toys

Angel’s Sex Toys

Once again Angel’s Sex Toys is giving readers 15% off their order with the coupon code ANALTRAINER. This code is used during checkout, and is valid on anything online at Angel’s. This includes items that are already in their discounted sales. Want to know which are the most popular anal training toys? Check these out!

Juli Ashton Anal Beginner Kit – includes plugs, lube and a vibrating dildo – now more than $9 off!

Colt Anal Trainer Bulk – This set of three butt plugs is discounted due to the lack of retail packaging – now more than $5 off!

Read the rest of this entry

We’ll admit it. We’ve been watching some rather interesting anal porn lately. One of our favorites was a scene where a hot little anal nympho got into the shower and showed the watcher how she prepared herself for the scene. Her anal douche of choice? This Deluxe Shower Enema System from XR Brands.

Unlike the bulb based systems, there is a whole lot less effort involved in the shower style – and less worry about the dreaded ‘suck back’! Rather than filling a bulb with your warm water, screwing the probe back on, emptying it into your anus, then doing it all over again (usually a few times over), this enema system hooks up directly to your shower. You control the temperature and pressure all through your shower’s existing knobs. (Looking to bring anal ‘torture’ into your BDSM anal play? We know this toy will help!) Because you don’t need to press a bulb, there’s zero chance that you’ll be sucking the enema fluid that’s already inside your rectum.

The Deluxe Shower Enema System includes two different sized nozzles for varying size of opening and a six foot long hose, making it that much easier to get into your desired position. It also comes with a number of brackets and rings to help you get your system hooked into your existing shower setup.

So are you ready to grab the Deluxe Shower Enema System? It’s now on sale at Angel’s Sex Toys for more than $15 off the retail price! And – we’ve got a way that you can save more on your anal douche system. Just enter the code ANALTRAINER during checkout and you can save an additional 15% on your order. This isn’t just good for this enema system – it’s valid on any item on sale at Angel’s Sex Toys.

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