female anal doucheLook on the internet about first time anal sex and you are bound to stumble upon a certain collection of questions. Do I need to have an enema before I have anal sex? Do I need to douche before anal training? How do I clean myself before I have anal sex for the first time? You’ll get two sides to this argument – those that are extremely against this type of anal cleansing, and those that don’t do it without it. What’s our take on the great enema debate?

It’s completely up to you!

First, let’s address what an enema is. Using either a self contained bulb, or a hose that connects to your faucet, water is introduced into the anal cavity and then expelled out. Enemas as also called anal douche, as it’s the anal version of what typically happens with a vaginal douche. The bulb style of enema is easier for beginners, as the pressure created by your own (or your partner’s) hand is totally under your control. Water is sucked up into the bulb, and the bulb is then inserted into the anus. The bulb is then squeezed, causing the water to travel down the probe and into your anal cavity. This can be repeated as much as necessary before pushing the water out of your body. More advanced versions of enema systems hook up to your household faucet. Through tubing, the water travels to the probe that’s inserted into your anus. This is a quicker method to have an enema, but you need to be sure that the pressure and water temperature is correct before getting started.

shower enemaSo now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s talk about the need to have an anal douche. If you are regular, and don’t have any kind of medical difficulties with your lower intestinal tract, your body should be able to clean itself enough that you don’t have a large mess when having anal sex. There may be a slight bit of staining involved, but any couple who engage in anal sex regularly know this is part of the deal. Using a condom during anal sex makes it very easy to clean up the mess. Baby wipes also help! If the thought of any mess with anal sex upsets you or your partner, though, enemas are one way to solve that problem.

Some individuals like performing enemas as part of their routine before prepping for a date. Just as getting your make up on and straightening your hair, or having a quick shower and shave may seem like the standard thing to do before a special night, performing an enema can be part of this as well.

For other couples, the enema process is a much loved part of their sexual routine and anal training process. Enema manufacturers have kept this in mind, and offer some at home enema systems where the insertable probe looks like a penis! For others, an enema in itself is a very sexual act.

If you do choose to perform an enema before your anal training sessions, there are a few things to keep in mind. If your water is not safe to drink, it’s generally not a good idea to use it for an enema. Many enema enthusiasts buy gallon bottles of distilled water to ensure a thorough cleaning. If you are adding anything to your water, always be sure that it is safe for your body. If you find the tip of the enema bottle is a tough fit for your tush, use a bit of lube to help ease it in. Finally, be sure to expel all the water before engaging in anal sex – unless you really want a mess on your hands!

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