faux fur tail butt plugI’ve heard quite a bit of chatter surrounding these “My Little Pony” style tail butt plugs in the last few weeks, but when I finally saw them for the first time, I have to admit I was tempted to get my credit card out!! The Rainbow Pony Plug from Crystal Delights are now available! I know that there are a lot of anal tail plug lovers out there that really appreciate the work that Crystal Delights put into their products, but are turned off by the fact that most of their tail butt plugs are made from real fur. With the Rainbow Pony Plug, though you can now enjoy wiggling your butt and feel that brush against your ass without having any concerns about animal welfare!

Let’s go over the details! Starting with the high strength borosilicate glass plug, the Rainbow Pony Plug is small enough to use by even the most new of anal training beginners. The total butt plug length is 3.4 inches, with 2.8 of that insertable. The bulb is a total of 1.3 inches wide and weighs just over 8 ounces. The glass itself is a seam free body safe and eco friendly material that’s as easy to clean as most glass sex toys.

fake fur tail butt plug

But what we really love about the Rainbow Pony Plug is the tail itself! The tails are currently available in four pastel-like colors – Violet Virgin (Soft Lavender), Periwinkle Princess (Pastel Blue), Sunny Sovereign (Bright Yellow), and Cupcake Queen (Baby Pink). The total length of the faux fur tail is 15.5 inches long. the great part about the tail itself on these tail anal plugs is that the hairs are embedded into the glass itself during production, and don’t rely on glue or magnets to keep them in place. Unlike their other products, the Rainbow Pony Plugs do not come in a storage pouch. This is due to the fact that it could possibly damage the tail itself on the plug. Proper care instructions will be included in your order, so you’ll know right from the get go how to care for this luxury butt plug tail.

So tell us – what do you think about the look of these Rainbow Pony Plugs? We think they are a great faux fur addition to their butt plug tail family! Right now, you can only pick up these pony tail butt plugs directly from Crystal Delights. In the coming weeks, as more and more suppliers add these gorgeous tail plugs to their stock, we’ll give you the low down on where you can pick them up!

Two TailsWant plugs just like this, but in more natural colors?

Check out Natural Colored Tail Butt Plugs from Crystal Delights at Stockroom!

glass butt plugs with tail

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